ai, artificial intelligence, Surreal monochrome scene with a polar bear, intricate tree-root pathway, and Victorian houses nestled in a mystical forest.
Art & Design have always played a part in culture. The tools have evolved in such an incredible way over time... that now such tools are part of the process. The ai race makes it incredibly interesting because now we do not need to hold loyalty to a few specific programs. This technology is bursting with dynamic energy. There is a new tool, or an upgrade to an existing one, every one to two weeks. It has democratized and expedited the process. I am very intrigued and scared as hell, simultaneously, about where it's all going! :-D
A little while back, I started playing around with AI and art, which has been a lot of fun. Adobe's new AI tools caught my attention, and I've been mixing their features with Midjourney to create some pretty cool stuff. One of my favorite pieces was bringing a bear to life in Photoshop with a simple text prompt.
It's pretty wild to see how AI is changing the game. Whether it's Meta AI shaking things up with their chat and image tools, or OpenAI adding Dalle-3 to ChatGPT Plus, there's something new to discover every week. And then there's Stability doing amazing things with SDXL—it's hard to keep up! I'm looking to play with more video work soon.
I've always get excited about diving into new tech and seeing what I can create, whether it's art, music, or even just a bit of code (building for myself with ai). Now, with AI, it feels like there are even more possibilities to get creative carrying things from mind to keystrokes. It's an exciting time to be making things, and I'm just enjoying the ride and where it might take my next self-initiated project.
Midjourney explorations! From photo realism, to illustrations, to 3D graphic-like renderings.
Exploring 3d render-like ai assisted creations with Midjourney.
Playing with ideas around the subject of a vintage super hero.
All created in Midjourney playing with the variation tools.
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