HELLO! Currently Freelancing in NY, as a Studio Artist, working on Social Media Visuals, Campaign Pre-visuals and Presentation Design for ongoing business and new business pitches. I also get to do some fun office art for the walls when time allows (see Illustration category). A bit more about me and work to see, below!

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I'm a NYC based multidisciplinary creative consultant with a diverse background of client projects through agencies and freelance for the likes of Bud Light, Nike, Jordan, Sprite, OkCupid, Tinder, Delta, Duracell, Ford, Jaguar, McDonalds, Crown Royal, Pepto Bismol, Flomax, Dos XX, Sony Music's RED Distribution, Charles Schwab, Uptown Magazine, State Farm, Mercedes, Razorfish, Publicis, Nice Shoes and Viacom.
For about 10 years I've worked as a creative in global advertising agencies and boutique production shops. I've been lucky to work with  media companies wearing multiple hats, doing everything from digital to traditional production. I've been fortunate to work with a wealth of talented people, learning from each of them. On the way, I've built a portfolio that shows the mature breadth and depth of what I can contribute to the discussion of brand visuals and communication. 
I love to collaborate on the art and design aspect of projects involving digital marketing, client services and product business.​​​​​​​
Hit me up if you're curious or just want to chat and jam on some ideas, thoughts, etc.
Thank you!
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