Role: Video Editor, Camera, Producer
Production Assistant: Tatiana Hochrei
Client: Fabiola Jean-Louis
Fabiola Jean-Louis commissioned me to shoot and edit this video that was to be displayed at her traveling exhibition across the United States. Fabiola is one of the most prolific multi-media (photography, digital painting and fashion/costume design) artists of our time bringing awareness to social issues and concerns about people of color intertwined with paradoxical representation, mixing and switching historical contexts around while communicating directly about elitism, ancestral pain, rape and slavery, and in other cases only communicating with subtlety. 

Role: Camera, Editing, Co-Producer

Client: Global TV, Saint-Tropez

Carole Feuerman is a sculptor pioneer of our time, without doubt, leading her universe of fans, art dealers and dignitaries through galleries, hotels, and studios around the world with incredible skill and technique as a painter as well. Carole and her artist team have a long history of creating beautiful realistic sculptures that are exhibited, bought and placed around the world. I was so lucky to have shot and edited this video, while having my friend Manny Inoa (also producer/director of this video) keep things well lit and coordinate the talent on site.

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